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The University of Coruscant, also known as the Coruscant University, was a university located in the Fobosi District of the Galactic Republic's capital planetCoruscant. Founded by Supreme Chancellor Fillorean and the Duinuogwuinphilosopher Borz'Mat'oh in 15,500 BBY as Coruscant's first university, the institution offered a wide variety of courses throughout its history and gained a reputation as a premier learning institution.  Our University Of Coruscant design is printed on a 100% cotton t-shirt. Inspired by Star Wars (1977) Starring Mark Hamill.

University Of Coruscant t-shirt

  • 1/ They are 100% ring spun cotton which is a finer smoother consistent knit. 


    2 /We source our t-shirts from reputable suppliers who help us to supply and produce a quality comfortable cotton garment that feels light, airy and free against the skin. 


    3/ Each t-shirt produced from our store has been professionally processed from start to finish with the utmost care and attention to detail.


    4/ All our t-shirts are packed and sealed carefully to ensure your t-shirt reaches you in tip top condition.

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