Wash 40° or below

Do not tumble dry

Iron inside out

100% Organic

  1. Black, white, heather grey shirts wash on cool (40 degrees & below) and line dry. Do not tumble dry. 

  2. Colored shirts wash on a cool (40 degrees and below) line dry or tumble dry on a low setting.

  3. Iron shirt inside out to avoid print area damage. 

  4. Wash similar colors together.

  5. Do not dry clean or remove stains with solvents. To remove stains soak thoroughly immediately and leave overnight. Wash as normal the next day.

Please be sure to factor these care instructions into the care and cleaning of your t-shirt. Any further questions regarding care instructions or sizing please contact us.


Due to the nature of T-Shirt manufacturing, all measurements are approximately 1-2 cm in either plus or minus direction concerning size dimensions.

Our T-Shirts are a regular fit but if that's not your thing just order a size up.

Current size options available are for both men and women.

(S) Small / (M) Medium / (L) Large / (XL) Extra Large / (XXL) Double Large / (XXXL) Triple Large

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