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Luke Skywalker character stood smiling

Our small team has had many incredible years of experience within the graphic & illustration industry and we are exceptionally passionate about films and cinematic history.

Candywrap Design t-shirts began production in 2013. After many years in the design and illustration industry, we realised that it was near impossible to buy a decent t-shirt on most websites.

Many t-shirts were either over priced, poorly manufactured or lacking in decent quality or design.

We created the site, an online shopping store with the customer in mind. We wish to offer quality product individually made at a realistic price using our experience and skills in design and manufacturing. Our ongoing objective is to keep our customer’s shopping experience streamline, fun and simple.
This way you can focus on choosing amazing t-shirts from your favourites films.

The Story so far...

The Millenium Falcon spaceship from star wars

From the (1958) Attack of the 50ft Woman and Shaw Brothers’ kung-fu classics to cinematic Art House, Action, Drama, Romance, Horror, Musical and Thriller Cult movies of present-day, our interests cover a lifetime of entertainment and magical cinema. The 20th Century has been witness to some of the greatest moments the film industry has ever seen and we are proud to bring to you our creations inspired by the movies that brought us all so much joy.

Candywrap Design brings unique t-shirts that are fun, imaginative and comfortable to wear. We are proud to empower all our customers around the world with our exciting designs. Everyone deserves a quality T-Shirt at least once in their life - today is that day and we are excited to be part of that.
We insist on quick product turnaround and offer free local and competitive international tracking rates on all our products. We hope you enjoy your product just as much as we enjoyed making it.

star wars stay on target t-shirt
Stay on Target
Tie Fighter Targetting system on the millenium falcon
Millennium Falcon Targeting System

" These are the t-shirts you are looking for.
   You can go about your business, move along..."

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