Located In The Angel Constellation, Welcome aboard The Fhloston Paradise II. If you experienced the luxury and grandeur of Fhloston Paradise, you probably thought we couldn't top it. But our engineers have done the impossible. We'd love to welcome you aboard the Fhloston Paradise II. Lushly appointed and crafted from the galaxy's finest resources, the Fhloston Paradise II brings new meaning to "exquisite." With the same pampering service you've come to expect of the original and walls of windows offering amazing ocean views, you won’t want to leave your suite. But you will, because you can't resist our exquisite gourmet dining options (between level two and level ten) as the airship raises to provide a more spectacular view of the planet below (formal dress required). Deboard the vessel to enjoy any one of Fhloston's 400 white sand beaches, but return by 5 p.m. to ensure you don't miss the evening's entertainment (and you're not out past the planetary curfew)*. Enjoy one of our twelve swimming pools or sit out under the protective atmosphere of the observation deck and watch the stars of the Angel Constellation twinkle. It's all part of the freedom of the all-inclusive lifestyle you'll experience on the Fhloston Paradise II The multi colour design comes in a selection of colours and is printed on a soft 100% cotton t-shirt. Inspired by the Fifth Element (1997) starring Bruce Willis.


  • 1/ They are 100% ring spun cotton which is a finer smoother consistent knit. 


    2 /We source our t-shirts from reputable suppliers who help us to supply and produce a quality comfortable cotton garment that feels light, airy and free against the skin. 


    3/ Each t-shirt produced from our store has been professionally processed from start to finish with the utmost care and attention to detail.


    4/ All our t-shirts are packed and sealed carefully to ensure your t-shirt reaches you in tip top condition.


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I'm luvin it

2/11/2021, 9:49:37 AM

I recommend this product.

As Ronald says I'm luvin it


Location :



2/6/2021, 5:38:21 PM

I don't recommend this product.

you should put the big design on the front then id proper buy it mon vie


Location :

London USA

Jessica Darling

10/28/2020, 12:46:45 PM

I recommend this product.

How cool is this !!!!

Marky Mark

Location :


Theresa mendosa looks like my gf

8/7/2020, 10:56:20 PM

I recommend this product.

Just love it 😊


Location :


I Just Love The Suspects

8/7/2020, 10:51:33 PM

I recommend this product.

Love this tee and ive been to indo and couldnt find one there.
Just brilliant design!

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